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JLRC TRADING is a private corporation engaged in the supply and the maintenance of high quality industrial and hardware products. The company was established in June 8, 1990. Directors who have many years of business and technical experience in industry are handling in the operation of the company.


JLRC TRADING is one of the country's leading suppliers of the world's most advance and reliable hardware materials. Committed to its principle of providing complete solution to the growing needs for high quality and cost - efficient hardware products, the company has engaged into distributorship of several international respected manufacturers who are today's leader in their respective fields.

These include electric chain/ cable hoist, trolleys, electric winch, pneumatic winch and other industrial tools and products.


JLRC TRADING is also emerging as the leading supplier of telecom outside plant materials including installation and repairing equipment. With the growing support of its principal overseas, it is certain in meeting the increasing demands of the industry in the country.


The company's success if proof of strength and willingness to provide the best product and unending customer support. With proud, due to the effort of its large number of dedicated employees, JLRC's services, products and trainings are available to meet customer's needs, wherever they're located, whenever they need them.

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